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Quantum massage

If you are interested in Quantum Massage please send me an e-mail your questions. If you already decided to take session of Quantum Massage please add my Skype - EFTSUN. Quantum Massage can be made by Skype. All what you need is a good internet and that no one will interfere. Price for one session – 80 Euro, 90 Usd.

You can send money to Thailand, where I live now, by Western Union, or through other money transfer system working with Thailand. Or you can pay in my wedsite through Liqpay with Visa or Master Card.

A lot of people around the world are increasingly turning to unconventional methods of treatment. Traditional medicine treats the human body as a machine, and individual organs - as its details. Now we see how traditional medicine sometimes cannot answer for some questions related to human health, and the tablets and pills often have a lot of side effects. The human body is more than just bone and tissue. This is complex and perfect bio-energy system.

Since the time of Wilhelm Reich, who is one of the first Western scientists drew attention to the existence of some bio-energy in the human body, the Western world is increasingly turning to find answers to many questions about the health to the East. Follower of Wilhelm Reich, Alexander Lowen was one of the founders of body-oriented psychotherapy. He called the energy present in the human body - bioenergy, and the science that studies the mental processes within the body – Bioenergy.

We get energy besides food through three major environmental sources. This is the Air, the Sun, the Earth. Our response to the environment depends of the availability of energy in us. When her much we are actively working, building plans, looking for a partner, build personal relationships, enjoy life. When it is not enough, we cannot fully be involved in life, unless we restore our strength. Chronic fatigue, depression, lack of desire, this consequence lack of energy it all. Obviously, someone can live more effectively if he has more energy, which can be freely translated into movement and expression.

Fundamental thesis of Bioenergetics is that body and mind are functionally identical, that is what happens in the mind reflects what is happening in the body, and vice versa.

As we all know, the mind and body can influence each other. The way a person thinks can affect what he feels. The converse is also true. This interaction is, however, limited of the conscious or superficial aspects of personality. On a deeper level, ie at the subconscious level thinking and feelings are caused energy factors.

Energetic processes of the body associated with the state of the body vitality. The more the person is alive, the more he have a energy, and vice versa. Stiffness or chronic stress reduces the liveliness and reduce energy. At birth, the body is in its most lively, fluid state, and after his death in the most severe state of rigor mortis. We cannot avoid the rigidity that comes with age. But we can avoid stiffness due to chronic muscle tension from unresolved emotional conflicts. Each stress induces a state of tension in the body. Usually tension disappears when the stress is removed.

Chronic stress however remains in unconscious body posture or specific muscles position and after provoking it stress was disappears. Such chronic muscle tension violates emotional health, reducing a person's energy, limiting its mobility (natural spontaneous play and movement of muscles) and its expressions. Thus, if a person wants to restore its full vitality and emotional well-being, he must get rid of this chronic tension. That is allow bioenergetics.

Deadening their feelings, and therefore the body under pressure from various cultural "no", the child wraps herself in impenetrable armor, who save him from physical death, while not giving him live life to the fullest, breathe a full breast, love with all heart and hating with all soul.

The attempts bring him out, already adult, from this state come up against a panic, because it is only the fear of the parents (as bearers of cultural "no") forced the child to abandon his vitality, and it is actualized at the efforts to address the physical protection-locks . It turns out that the fear of life - that's what scared us half to death as a child and forced to live a half-life. Live a half- life is mean to live in the shackles of ours shell-neuros, in a circle playing the scripts written for us in childhood.

Quantum massage - one of the techniques to revitalize the body, removal of unconscious psychological protection and disclosing of natural abilities and capabilities of the person. Not experienced during past stress emotions get stuck in the body and retained under the action of psychological defenses with clamped muscles. This may be the emotions of fear or aggression, which once had a place to be in a particular stressful situation, but could not be expressed in mean parental established rules of behavior.

As you know, emotion is energy, our energy. Say either, putting into words the emotions of love and acceptance, or vice versa aggression or hatred, and words acquire energy force. No wonder they say that word can kill and resurrect. The suppressed emotions in the body is nothing like the negative energy because they are generated by negative life events.

Under the guise of psychological defenses, people afraid to express, for example, the emotion of anger or aggression, even in cases when it is necessary to fight for their lives, or in more severe cases even just be afraid to ask for anything for themself. But, under the muscle layer, the negative emotions are amplified and can pour on others disproportionate outbreaks of anger or aggressive behavior, or cause a complete apathy as a consequence of hopelessness or generate horrible anxiety.

Negative energy is blocked in various places, and hinders the free flow of energy throughout the body. Alternative medicine exactly explains the formation of disease like this. And the release of energy in the blocked areas is the main goal of many techniques of the ancient Chinese, Indian and other alternative medicine and also the Quantum massage.

Quantum massage allows free up portion of the negative energy and relax chronically tight muscles. Quantum massage activates "Body brain" - the occipital part of the brain. This area of ​​the brain responsible for bodily mobility, blood pressure, heartbeat, the internal organs and the processes of our body that are unconscious. Chronic stress, transformed into a bodily pose or posture, no longer recognized, as well as the negative suppressed emotions accepted person at existing character. That's why people cannot understand themselves why happen to him repeating the unpleasant events. Access to the unconscious processes located in occipital part of brain. At the same place hidden psychological defenses, negative belief system which forming script of a life.

Using Quantum massage, as well as scenic reprogramming can in the shortest terms bring personality to the path of full awareness, involvement in reality, the ability to see in life many paths that lead to prosperity.

Quantum massage technique is a unique, which is still far from being owned by many people. I was fortunate to learn, to master and successfully apply Quantum massage in my practice of body-oriented psychologist.

His most important advantage - it is harmless. In Quantum massage muscle tension discharge very reminiscent of some movement after performing TRE (trauma release exercises). In America, Europe, England, Australia such exercises become increasingly popular. It is used to treat post-traumatic stress, depression, and just to relieve tension. But TRE-exercise has limitations in physical injuries. Quantum massage is more gentle way to get rid of chronic stress and has no limitations in certain injuries.

In 2013, in America was the first Congress of Quantum Medicine. Its participants were doctors, philosophers, healers. Here are some of their names. Eric Pearl , Amit Goswami , Joe Dispenza , Dr. Paul Drouin . This Congress built a bridge between science and spirituality. People want to know more about the nature of his body and mind. Quantum medicine can become medicine of the future. It does not use drugs and has no side effects. Yes, many questions are still not thoroughly understood. But science has emerged after the world has existed. I think we'll soon have stupidly stop taking the tablets at the first sign of illness, and finally learn to hear and understand our body language. Live in harmony with body means to follow its natural path, be on the wave, as saying.

Quantum massage technique is noncontact and can be performed at any distance. In our time, we are well able to share information, using modern types of communication. Skype is a wonderful tool for the job. The main thing is that we can see and hear each other, and the distance is abstract in that case. You do communicate and share emotions over the phone and Skype with loved ones. The main thing - is the availability of contact between those, who send energy and who gets it. But you should be aware that it is not magic, and for you, no one will solve your problem. You just learn to think and feel differently, reconfigure your entire system, including the body and mind. During one session of Quantum massage you can make sure the uniqueness and complexity of the human body, and what opportunities are stored in your body. Well, further all depends on your desire and willingness to live happily.


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